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Specialising in corporate events, press launches and press conferences, I aim to capture the essence of the event rather than the stock shots of speakers mid-flow.  Working with clients such as the national tourist boards, VisitEngland, FIFI, World Travel Awards and Journalism.UK,etc.I have covered events all over the world with clients  using the resulting pictures and footage in their corporate communications materials and industry newsletters to Twitter updates for years to come.

An example of recent Travel pictures taken in 2012, photographing people, places, cultures and festivals for a range of publications and websites worldwide.

These exciting images are just an example of the range of extraordinary places in the world that I have had the privilege to visit and how these travels have been able to expand my mind.

The slick clean cut Tories with their optimism, youth, arogance and privileges are compared to the old grimy Labour party in their gritty Socialist realism and their social conscience. All done with a creative approach with a little help from Photoshop.

A selection of the Worlds great faces. these Portraits try and capture the mood, emotion and personality of the various subjects done in various approaches. A candid approach captures the subject unaware capturing the subject in their environment and in various situations. Each face telling a story and a history, each piece of clothing whispering a secret and each portrait emphasising a love of life.

Events, PR, Corporate






CM1_2009 Farmer-Cuba WLFW-2777 Sking-Dubai DSC_0705-Edit

I have covered a lot of Fashion catwalk shows of some of the World best designers and top models. Recently covering the World Luxury Fashion Week as their official photographer. This series of fashion images captures the world of drama, excitement and pride that go hand in hand with designers. The vibrant colours and clothes and the exceptional skill of the models create beautiful images that are difficult to find anywhere outside the fashion experience.

Numerous commissions over the years by the Royal College of Nursing and other Health Care networks, including Great Ormand Street, University College Hospital London, St Mary's etc. These images have covered very sensative environments such as War Zones, mental health and bereavement. The time I spent shooting these images, allowed me to gain access to the behind the scenes world of medical life.

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Series of portraits of passengers riding the Havana Taxis.

Police-Nurses MW2_4503

This series of images I have accumulated  over the years that I can't place under other catagory. These images include Wildlife photography.


Havana Taxis