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Interactive 360 degrees immersive Virtual Tours - Full Screen 360 degree panoramas of iconic hotels and destinations from around the world.

These 360 degree images lets you virtually travel to some of the most beautiful sites in the world. The viewer can become fully absorbed in the scene and navigate around the picture as well as moving through different areas  the location.

There are more ways than most people realise to map a flat image onto a sphere – though the results are invariably surreal and often incredible.

All these pictures are 360°x180° panoramas projected to look like small planets using a projection called stereographic projection.

How small is your world?

An ongoing project in conjunction with the Royal Geographical Society in London to document the stoneage rock art of the San Bushman in the Brandberg Mountains.

The art consists of both rock paintings (sometimes called pictographs) and rock engravings (petroglyphs). By using this specialised photographic technique, the Rock Art can be viewed online. The user is able to navigate the image with the mouse  viewing the art and rotating the image around to  show it in its enviroment.

360 Virtual Tours

Flat Panos

Little Planets

Namib Rock Art

iPix - Old Style

These are pictures that I took over ten years ago using this then ground breaking technique. Technology developed by Interactive Pictures Corporation that allows users to create and view 360-degree panoramic photographs. IPIX images are created by stitching together two hemispherical shots taken through a fish-eye lens.

These 'old style' virtual tours cover four Continents of the world.

A series of 360 degree virtual tours documenting English explorer Sam McConnell on his trek through the Sinai Desert with the Egyptian Bedouin.

The imersive technology captures the life on an expedition, showing the Bedoin around the camp fire, the dramatic scenery and the grumpy camels.

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The Sinai Desert

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Conventional photographs may be described as "flat" or "planar", meaning that they are intended to be viewed as is without any perspective correction.

Equirectangular image projections maps the latitude and longitude coordinates of a spherical globe directly onto horizontal and vertical coordinates of a grid.

These projections can show the entire vertical and horizontal angle of view up to 360 degrees.