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Special Projects

High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing is a technique that allows a greater range between the darkest and lightest area of an image.

I use the effect to give an exaggerated contrast for a dreamy effect, blurring the difference between reality and illusion.

Tilt-shift photography is a creative and unique type of photography in which the camera is manipulated so that a life-sized location or subject matter looks like a miniature-scale model.

By using a selective focus one can use it to direct the viewer's attention to a small part of the image while de-emphasizing other parts.

Welcome to the miniature world!

These collage of images are all shot using old Soviet Union analog cameras created by Leningrad Optical Mechanical Association (Ленинградское Oптико-Mеханическое Oбъединение) - LOMO.

The images created are dreamlike,charmed,colourful and even blurry, all adding to the distinctive retro style that has been mimicked by Instragram.

The Miss World pageant is the oldest surviving international beauty pageant, created in 1951.It is the most publicised beauty contest in the world gaining TV viewing figures of over 27.5 million at its peak.

I have been lucky enough top have photograph three pageants over the last five years.


Tilt and Shift


Miss World




Rock art (sometimes called pictographs) is an archaeological term used to refer to human-made markings placed on natural stone.The art consists of both rock paintings (sometimes called pictographs) and rock engravings (petroglyphs).

By using this specialised photographic technique, the Rock Art can be viewed online. The user is able to navigate the image with the mouse  viewing the art and rotating the image around to  show it in its environment.

Wedding Photographs taken over the years has always been a fantastic  and enjoyable part of my work.

The photos themselves are shot using reportage style in colour, taken as unobtrusively as possible, with the sole aim being to capture the mood and events of the day itself. They will then be printed and presented in display books, carefully sequenced in a storybook format for you to select from.

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